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Upcoming Events

You can see Wheeltug at the following events:


Date Event Location
January 27-29 GIAS Aviation Marketplace Dubai
February 7-8 Airport Design & Development Summit Amsterdam
February 12-13 MOVE: Mobility Re-Imagined London
February 28 Innovation in Aviation Prague


Date Event Location
February 7 Flying Electric Vehicle Summit Geneva
April 10-12 MRO Americas 2018 Orlando, FL
May 29-30 World Airports Innovation Summit Frankfurt
July 16-22 Farnborough International Air Show Farnborough, UK
September 11-13 GSE & Ramp Ops 2018 Dubrovnik
October 8-12 AGIFORS Annual Symposium Tokyo
October 16-18 MRO Europe Amsterdam
November 27-28 Aircraft Commerce Flight Operations Conference London


Date Event Location
February 8-9 Cowen 38th Annual Aerospace/Defense Conference New York
February 15 Smart Airports SE Asia Singapore
March 14-16 Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 Amsterdam
April 25-27 MRO Americas 2017 Orlando, FL
May 16-17 Dublin Aviation Summit Dublin
May 23-24 IATA e-Taxi Conference Singapore
June 19-25 Paris Air Show 2017 Paris
September 13-15 13th Maintenance Cost Conference Panama City
October 3-5 MRO Europe London
October 9-12 Smart Airports Conference Munich
November 14-15 Accelerate Aviation 2017 London


Date Event Location
February 3-4 Cowen 37th Annual Aerospace/Defense Conference New York
March 15-17 Passenger Terminal Conference 2016 Cologne, Germany
April 5-7 MRO Americas 2016 Dallas, TX
April 19-20 Presentation: The Future of Air Transport: Asia Singapore
July 11-17 Farnborough International Air Show Farnborough, UK
August 30-31 IATA 4th Airline Cost Conference Geneva
September 28 Air Transport World Webinar Online
October 19-20 MRO Europe Amsterdam
December 6-7 The Future of Air Transport London

Past Events


Date Event Location
February 3-4 Presentation: IATA Aircraft Taxiing Systems Conference Coral Gables, FL
February 4-5 Presentation: Cowen 36th Annual Aerospace/Defense Conference New York
March 1-4 Presentation: UC Symposium on Aviation Noise & Air Quality Palm Springs, CA
March 9 ACI Europe Green Taxi Workshop Brussels
April 14-15 MRO Americas 2015 Miami Beach, FL
June 15-21 Paris Air Show 2015 Paris
August 26-27 IATA 3rd Airline Cost Conference Geneva
October 4-6 ISTAT Europe Prague
October 5-9 Smart Airports Conference Munich
October 13-15 MRO Europe 2015 London
November 17-18 Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Symposium Bremen, Germany
Nov 30 - Dec 1 The Future of Air Transport London


Date Event Location
April 8-10 MRO Americas 2014 Phoenix, AZ
April 17-18 Presentation: China Aviation New Technology Forum 2014 Shanghai
June 9-10 Presentation: Flight and Airport Operations Conference Prague
July 14-20 Farnborough International Airshow 2014 Farnborough Airport
August 26-27 Presentation: IATA Airline Cost Conference 2014 Geneva
September 9-10 Presentation: ICAO Montreal
September 16-17 Presentation: World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2014 London
September 23-24 Presentation: The 3rd Ground Damage Stakeholders' Meeting Frankfurt
September 29-30 Presentation: World Airports Summit 2014 Munich
October 7-9 Presentation: MRO Europe Madrid
October 13 Presentation: Getting dAIR: Clean Airports Brussels
October 14-16 Presentation: Latin America and Caribbean Engineering & MRO Summit Panama City
October 16-17 Presentation: The China Low Cost Carriers Summit 2014 Shenzhen, China
November 24-25 Presentation: The Future of Air Transport London

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